[Bug or Wanted?] Mameluke doesn't deal any bonus damage to camels

I noticed that mameluke doesn’t deal any bonus vs camels except mameluke’s normal attack? While camels indeed do bonus vs Mamelukes

Camels have the Camel armor class, not Cavalry armor class

Mamelukes have bonus damage against the Cavalry armor class


It’s explicitly on purpose. That was a conscious decision by ES to not give Mamelukes a bonus vs camels.


And on top of that heavy camels have an additional bonus vs mamelukes, to make them extra deadly against them.


In the original game you mean? What about now where they have archer class armor?

Kinda strange that mameluke deals bonus vs itself but not against camels

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They had the archer armor since the beginning.

As for dealing bonus dmg to self. Its one whole point.

That’s a remnant of older days when mamelukes had both cavalry (with some resistance against anticavalry attacks) and camel armor classes. At some point this was changed to mameluke and camel armor classes for better transparency I guess. However, to preserve exact same damage values devs gave some units redundant bonuses against mamelukes (+1 for kamayuk and mameluke, +4 for cannon galleon).


Mamelukes are weak vs ranged units and expensive, so it is kind of stupid that they could be weak vs camels.

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I mean it makes sense for camels to counter mameluke when it was the strongest mounted unit, but this is DE and imperial camel is the strongest unit so mameluke got nerfed and they added a broken unit, leaving out one of the iconics civs of the game.

Camel bonus vs mameluke should be reduced until they fix imperial camel.

In real life horses hates smell of camels and gets cranky. So Camel Archer bonus damage vs Cavalry Archer unrealistic and it’s wanted not a bug.