[Bug?] Overwriting Army Control Groups constantly randomly!

Hello dear AoE IV Community,

i have a problem what bothers me a lot. I played 14k sc2 games and have now 2k hours in AoE 4. I am playing with 200-300 APM and only have this problem in AoE 4, never experienced it before.

Very often in my games i randomly get some units in random control groups and i don’t know why. Its super annoying. I have 3 Army Control groups + than for tcs, buildings etc.

When i fast click my control groups 1,2,3 for my army sometimes some random units get into these control groups and i have to manually deselect them from the control goup. Very often its happens with siegen units and sometimes i get villager in my melee control group, even i havent clicked them before. Or not resently.

Sometimes i have the feeling, that somehow my actions are delays. I manage stuff with villagers, than i select my control group and put in some new units, i click the next control group, switch back to the control group before, and somehow 11 villager are in these group and running to the front … >.<

Why? Someone has the same problem? I have tested also 2 keyboards! I am using shift+X to add units to an existing control group and strg+x of course to make some control groups.

And AoE 4 is for me the only rts with this problem °°!