[BUG] Palmy Trade bonus is gone on DE

Game Version: 28529

  • Build ((####))

Issue: The “Trade ships return 2x Gold” bonus which is still in the tech tree is not being applied in game.

The trade ship bonus for palmy is not being actualized in the game. This bug is that the tech tree does not align with the real civ bonus. One of the two is mistaken.

Reproduction Steps: Test it

  1. Make a scenario with p1 dock and a p2 dock
  2. Test 1 trip with player 1 being any civ other than palmy (note its gold return on one trip)

    (a trip with Egyptian merchant ship)
  3. Test 1 trip again but change player 1 to palmy (note its gold returned is the same as before)

    (a trip with a Palmy merchant ship)
  4. To be super certain, one could load the genie editor with the steam data file loaded and notice that there is no palmy trade bonus listed in its tech tree event list.

    (the rest at the bottom are more disabled techs)


bump for notice plsss

You created the docks too close to each other, if you make the distance longer you can see that the Palmyra trade boat will return more gold than any other trade boat does.

This is true, the only thing the palmy bonus does is make the distance half of what it would be for another civ. The least and most you can get is the same still.

Confirming as well that there seems to be a minimum distance for the dock before the Palmyran bonus kicks in. Funny thing is, it is not exactly double when placed further apart but eventually becomes double.

I had one dock which gave 7 gold for all other civs and 12 for Palmyran and later on a dock much further away giving 16 gold to other civs and 31~32 to Palmyran.

My rough guess is that the 2X gold is not calculated to the final value of the Dock’s gold trade, but to some sort of initial base formula where the 2X trade bonus impacts the final outcome.

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Have you tried with the same distance on classic RoR ?

hi bisu,
my twitch chat helped me greatly as well as the posters above. We have come to the conclusion that palmy bonus ‘2x trade’ just means they can hit the cap of 75 gold at shorter ranges, but are still restricted to 7 gold per trip minimum (not 14 as their bonus might suggest)