BUG (PLZ FIX IT) Why Cav is moving slowly when enemy is nearby

I lost match bcoz the CAV wont movee, It is moving so damn slow
Anyone could kill it

I had germany, I had so many blackriders and uhlans but they wont move when enemy army is close

This has happened with me twice, Last game I had Otto and spahi
But when enemy army was close, they didn’t move an inch, ended up dying

Please fix it, game is not being enjoyable,

New in AoE3??

When melee units are next to enemy units these ones move slower to be able to attack them. You can avoid this sacrifying the last units in the group.

This behavior is 100% intentional and it is called “snare”.

If any of your units is being attacked in melee his speed will be decreased for the next few seconds. For me it is completely natural - if Hussar is attacked by Pikeman he will not be able to reach 100% of his speed.
Even if only one unit in your group is snared - all of them are slower. So, you can sacrifice him and move the rest of them separately in normal pace.

Snare mechanic is used by good players in every game. For example your Explorer could march in front of your army to reach your opponent’s Skirmishers and snare them. Then your cavalry is able to catch them before they hide outside the wall :slight_smile: