[Bug] Prithviraj Mission 4 Player Wonder Victory Not Disabled

Game Version:

  • Build (34223)
  • Platform (Steam)


Player Wonder Victory not disabled. This is a big problem considering that you start with enough resources for a Wonder and you start on an island which the AI will never land.

You can easily treb yellow’s Monastery from the side as you can see from the image. Yellow has a large army yet the enemy Relic Victory was reset. Game mechanic is every time you kill a Monastery the enemy’s Relic Victory is reset, so you can easily just make a Wonder first thing then treb down the Monastery in yellow’s base to cheese a win.

Separate game plus replay for Wonder Victory strategy; no micro and only Wonder built in terms of buildings:

replay good for 30 days: https://easyupload.io/tt5fyq

This strategy could probably also work even if the only things you built were a Wonder and Trebs.

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