Bug report collection: walls

  1. When the deletion of a wall foundation segment automatically deletes other wall foundation segments, the resources for the automatically deleted wall foundation segments will be lost.

  2. I am not able to place palisade gate foundations on palisade wall foundations until the selected villager is extremely close to them. (not sure if intended)

  3. I am also not able to place a stone gate foundation on a stone wall foundation, regardless of how close the villager is to the wall.

  4. Villagers sometimes construct walls in a random order. Meaning instead of starting with the first wall foundation segment and going all the way to the last one, they will sometimes start with the first few wall foundation segments, go back to the first wall joint foundation to build that, and then go back to the wall foundation segments. Villagers also sometimes build palisade walls from the opposite side of which I have sent them to build the wall, leading to a villager walling itself out.

  5. Deleting palisade wall joints will have no negative effect on walls, while building them costs resources and time. Leaving them unbuilt will also cost resources and, more importantly, let units pass through.

  6. Deleting a wall deletes a part of the adjacent wall segment(s) visually.

  7. Builders ignore shift queue commands until all the walls they have been tasked with building have been constructed. If I task a villager to build a wall, then right-click on a wall segment and shift right-click that villager to another task, the villager will finish the whole wall before going to the assigned task.