Bug Report - Inconsistent Music intensity in Rus Imperial Battle Sessions

Good afternoon, everyone.

I wanted to report a minor bug that I’ve encountered in the game, specifically related to the soundtrack during Rus Imperial battle sessions. This issue appears to affect the dynamic soundtrack, and it’s something that I believe several of you might have also noticed.

Here’s what’s happening: The game’s soundtrack begins as expected when a small group of around 5-10 units are engaged in combat, with a suitable number of instruments playing. As the battle escalates and more soldiers get involved (for example, when there are around 50 soldiers in the fight), the music dynamically adds more instruments, creating a more immersive audio experience.

However, the problem arises when the battle intensifies further, involving approximately 100 or more soldiers. At this point, the music suddenly reverts to a quieter state, as if the battle only involves a handful of units. This inconsistency in the music’s behavior can take away from the overall gaming experience.

I initially noticed this issue while playing as the Rus civilization, but I suspect it might apply to other civilizations as well. My hunch is that this issue could be related to the game’s music scripting, particularly within the dynamic soundtrack system.

While this bug might not be a game-breaker, it does impact the immersion and enjoyment of the game. I thought it would be beneficial to share this observation on the forum.

If any of you have encountered a similar issue, please feel free to share your thoughts in this thread.