[Bug] Screen freeze after minimised

This issues have bothered me since release, but it seems no one report it, I will share the details here:

Issue description:
Whenever the game is launched, if for some reason it has minimised once during launch (The game itself do that sometimes, othertimes is the loading time is too long I just want to switch the screen out have a look at the website before the loading time is done)
What I will get is an operatable home screen, but when get into the actual game play, the screen froze. You can only interact with window if there are any other software window in front of you. (Meaning if the other windows “z-index” is higher than the game, then the game can be interacted with mouse, otherwise the screen just simply froze and you cannot do any interations
So in this case, if you want to click on a game character, you will need to open a window such as task manager, then click on task manager, and then the screen is able to be moving again and able to be interacted. But once you click on the game screen again, the screen froze with nothing will happening.
It gives me a feeling that the game recognises the screen status wrong, the game is thinking that if I switch out of the game play, it should not pause, but if I switch in, it shall pause.
Some additional info:
This issue occurs at 3440 x 1440 resolution
This issue also occurs at a 1080p monitor which is using Moonlight and Nvidia shield to streaming screen from the computer whetere it has 3440x1440 resolutions monitor. (The 1080p monitor is physically connected, so it won’t be related to bandwidth issue)
Thanks a lot for looking into this and happy to provide info if needed.

This is an interesting one @WeitheSovereign! I recommend contacting support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. It’ll help the team figure out why you might be seeing this. Thanks so much!