[Bug] Sforza mission 1 ends when the Venetians are defeated

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.33315.0 4426672)
  • Platform (Steam)


Instead of escaping Brescia, I tried to kill every Venetians in the city. When the Venetians are defeat, Micheletto says: “Maria Vergine! We have done it, Francesco! But watch yourself, my cousin… with every victory, others grow jealous!” Then mission ends with the victory screen.

Reproduction Steps:

Kill every Venetians in Brescia or use torpedo7 to test this.

I’m pretty sure this is intentional since the mission objective after escaping is just to clear that city of military units.

Still impressive that you managed to do that though. I guess a fix to this would be to prevent the starting ally Castle from being able to be garrisoned (and thus players can just heal indefinitely in it) by stuffing it with 20 units or moving the Castle to a location where the player can’t use it for healing.

Yeah. I just finished the mission following the objectives and found out that way. It’s hilarious. I think to prevent this, the towers shouldn’t be able to be garrisoned as well. Otherwise, it’s still manageable to do it even on hard although it might be tedious.