[BUG] Super Laggy, low FPS Edit Portrait / Coat of Arms / Edit Monument Menus!

Hello dear AoE IV Community,

i have a new PC. All the latest stuff with a 4090 etc. I havee had the same issue with the old PC before.

Every time i enter the ingame Edit Portrait, Edit Coat of Arms and Edit Monument Menus i get super laggy and low fps menus. The mouse is moving like under 30 fps. I have 360hz Monitors and always beeing between 240-360 fps no matter what i do in the game. But these Menus kill the fps drasticly. Its way above 60fps and super laggy.

Also if i click something to edit, let’s say a new portrait, it takes time to change, it lags sometimes, sometimes it doesnt change it correctly. Don’t know what to do, but these lagy Menus bother me a lot.

Steam Overlay is off as well. Its always off, never used it and there are always problems with it in many games. Don’t know what to do now : /

In any case i am having a blast with this game, with almost 100% Achievements (i had them before the sultans DLC :smiley: and almost 2k hours. Unfortunately i can’t finish the sultans campain achievement, but this would be a nother topic. Seems bugged for me) =) <3


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Exact same issue with me too, heavy lag only with these menus :frowning:

Yeah would be nice, if it can be fixed. Also i don’t know what could do it better for me, if i change something, but my pc is top end. Don’t know.