Bug: The Entire AI

It’s no secret that the AI in this game has been terrible since launch. It has however, gotten progressively worse. Dev’s couldn’t figure out how to improve the AI’s strategy, so they just added 3 game modes where they cheat for resources. Previously, 1v2 or 1v3 hardest AI was still a pretty good challenge (for me) most of the time. However, since the recent expansion, the AI is absolutely useless. I’ve played multiple games where I’ve stretched them to 2+ hour durations and the AI hasn’t launched an attack once. I’ve observed 50-75 villagers standing idle in their town. They don’t even gather all the nearby gold and stone. Before the expansion, they gathered wood at a staggering rate, and continued to do so even after it maxed at 100K. Now, they don’t even gather enough to build structures and units. The AI will recruit a basic army, but only patrol in close proximity to their town center (this was claimed to have been fixed in release notes). When engaging this army in combat, they barely fight back because they get stuck in a loop of continuously advancing and retreating every second. In one game I played, they never even advanced to the Imperial Age. Everything is broken. They don’t scout anymore. They don’t gather sheep. They don’t trade. The AI doesn’t do ANYTHING on ANY difficulty. Perhaps World’s Edge should hire some of those college kids that wrote AI mods for AoE2, because those were an order of magnitude better than this garbage. Two years after launch and it still feels like I’m playing an Early Access title.

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