Bug-user crashes multiplayergame somehow

If his team is losing he causes a out of sync error and the game ends with non result.
I think he causes this error with a cheat engine and he uses it all the time.
kein ergebnis = no result (crashed game)


Thank you @Foxhunt012! We are definitely super interested on if this is possible and how it is done. If you run across any possible exploit or program that can do this, please let us know so we can tackle it ASAP.

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Unfortunately, I can’t track what causes this, but I had a similar experience in 2 v 2. When we started to get in a better position our game crashed. I don’t know if it was a player-created crash or not, but it happened only 2 times on that day, and in both cases, it happened when we started to get closer to victory. For me it’s a little bit fishy.

Take a look at this:

Needs a fix ASAP spending 30mins+ in team games and about to win then cheaters crash the game is ruining the game.

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i mean, if i take a look at commander cao, he is obviously cheating and causing endless game crashes to prevent loosing games, also tilting the AOE IV community… and all you do is just NOTHING?
bug user/cheater/… should get a warning and if they continue bug using they should get at least a timeout or a permaban, why do you allow such a behavior like this?

did you already find anything which can end this out-of-sync bug? multiplayer is absolutly frustrating if you play a 30 minutes game and you took the advantage and about to win, and the last few minutes before winning the game → out of sync, thats absolutly frustrating and just leeds me stop playing the game

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I also was in a game where this happened: No result was displayed just as shown above. I don’t know who caused it though.

Watch my threat related exactly to CC here:

Some of my points:

  1. You cannot think about it. Its mostly caused by Chinese players. They are in another sphere with their mentality.
  2. This guy reached top100 already thanks to this so there is no way I personally can avoid him :slight_smile:
  3. Its 7 days since this guy was reported yet LELIC did absolutely nothing - They did not even responded to my mail to support why does it takes so long when it should take max. 10 seconds to recognize if such a guy should be banned
    4 and last point AND WORST - this guy is just ± 1% of all droppers/leavers we know about. There is much much more hidden for us - Mostly thanks to epic feature - HIDE MATCH HISTORY - so when u play 4v4s u cannot quess who caused the no-result scenario - Like seriously - that one guy who decided to have such a pro-cheater feature in game should be fired on spot and even slapped on as* … Together with a guy who programmed chat-censorship.

Am just saying guys …

But this person keeps getting reported since November and was not banned yet


Still not banned - actively playing on live server - Even changed his nickname back to his original

DEVS. 10/10

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Posting multiple times does not help anything @XARDAScoh, except take away time that we could be doing something else. We hear you and look forward to more feedback post Spring Update.