[bug]We have to transfer custom AI files every time in Multi-player game

Game Version:

  • Build (34793)
  • Platform (Steam)

We have to transfer custom AI files every time in Multi-player game。

If the user-defined AI is used in multiplayer online games, them AI source code needs to be transmitted every time。

When I play online games with multiple players in China, if I use customized AI or subscribe to AI in other modules, I need to transfer AI source files to each online player every time, even if each of these players subscribes to the same AI module as the host。
it takes 2-3 minutes to transfer an AI source file with more than 60 files, which is very, very time-consuming. Even if everyone transfers files, once the host quits the game, the AI player is equally stupid. Strong appeal: when using the custom AI multi player online, it is not necessary to transfer the AI source code file of the host to each human player. We hope the official authority will reply!

Even AI mod was published and subscribed by other players, we have to transfer again and again in every game.

It takes ages to transfer AI files (60 files in my case) and AI corrupted when host disconnected,

We are looking forward to having an improvement.

If you exit the lobby and re-enter, you must re transfer the file. This problem is very serious. I hope the official will pay attention to it! This problem does not exist in the previous version!!!