Bug where Mali research speeds decay over time?

I just played a 2v2 vs AI and towards the end of the game I noticed all of my research production was like 10x faster. University techs were finishing in 15 seconds. I was like woahhh did I miss something OP about Malians? But I think it was just either a bug or my ally English player somehow hacked the game and changed the speed. Has anyone else had an experience like this before?

Recorded the replay. I started the recording around 18 minutes because nothing really happens before then. I have the cursor placed on the TC research “Banco Repairs” the entire video to show its research speed change over time. Around 21 minutes into the game It drops dramatically within a second or two from 1 minute to 48 seconds. It then slowly ticks down for the rest of the game. This was for all research at every building.

I watched the replay from my ally’s perspective and their research speeds stayed normal all game. Not sure what happened or if it can be reproduced.

You had trade going right?

Not a bug.

Read their civ description in the tech tree. Every time they bring back gold from trade they slightly reduce their research times.

Oh, ok. Weird that they don’t write that somewhere more prominent, like on the market’s tooltip, trader tooltip, or civ tooltip in the matchmaking lobby.

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It would be a good idea to add it to the market tooltip I think.

That is where they put stuff like the mongols silk road trade bonus that is also default and people can easily miss.

Hey @SavageEmpire566 so this is not actually a bug report and will likely be closed soon, but please consider adding the Malian trade bonus to their market tooltip as a feature request. Thanks!

This feature request has been seen!

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