Bug with invincible Town Hall... highly recomendate

hey, how are you. I just found bug where 7 hardest AI cann’t kill my Town Hall, and they stuck into this attack, they stuck after load game, but Town Hall was invincible from start - 1hp left.
here link with proove, sorry for lags but my PC did best what could:

p.s. I have a question about history, I found that creators of that game did not was attention to historical facts - where RUS stopped Mongols, and later Golden Horde… They did that because of RUS technical development was much more higher than any country could even imagine… they had cannons and muskets but did not had Stone Walls? -This is lie. Please fix that or every slavian human will angry of that… My ancestors were not stupid, they builded stone Keeps and Houses into X age, but you wanna said that they did not guessed to stone walls? this is greatest false what I could ever heared. Into my city still present historical monument - stone wall and gates - it replaced into RUS territory and here everyone is descendant of ancient Russia… Please use wiki or something and try to check that fact - we are not stupid primates as you could think. Thank you very much. I propose to give RUS stone walls even into IV age it does not matter - but this fact not let me play for RUS vs 7 hardest AI, it made me angry - and how do you think RUS won golden horde? while they was into skining armors with wooden weapon - ancient’s rus army had already cannons and muskets, chain mail and heavy cavalry, metal casting was very developed into this lands - and don’t forget about greatest stone Castles - they had stone walls - and they where not stupid! If not RUS every europian ppl was eaten by hungrey Mongols - so be honest and don’t let lie grow. Thank you! God bless you! Best luck!