[BUG] You can fit more than 16 units in a transport ship (up to 200+)

So there is a bug that happens when you load battering rams into your transport ships. You can select them to garrison inside transport ships and you can have units garrison inside the rams. It doesn’t count towards the total capacity so you can override the 16 pop of the transport ship by slotting in possible 16 rams with 16 units each.

Streamable video link


LOL! that’s kinda funny TBH. But good catch. I hope it gets remedied.

Proof… It’s possible. lmao


HAHAHAHAH that’s just funny to watch. GET IN THERE!!! Nuts to butts, people!

Imagine with 16 rams…

This is one of my favorite bugs—the Transport ship is being treated like a clown car :laughing: We’re aware and looking into it :slight_smile:.