Bugs/Features Tracker

I am making this thread to list the bugs or features tracker to parse out what I see in the game and determine if they are supposed to be there or not. I encourage others to report as well.

  1. Why do villagers not go to the next meat? A villager on a turkey should switch to a deer.

  2. Why have unit selection limits not be increased? If we are not going to have a retreat button this should be fixed.

  1. Can we please get the pathing fixed (mainly cannons). It is ludicrously bad.
  2. Cannons need to target the next unit not buildings. That is a problem
  3. There is an odd bug that seems to randomly happen when editing the deck. I click on a card to remove it and it removes some other one. It doesn’t do it all the time but it is annoying cause it’s hard to figure out what was removed.

That’s intentional: animals in AoE III works with herds: if villagers started to shoot everything you would have more dispersion among the animals. For me it’s not a problem

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Ok makes sense there. Just gets annoying in the middle of a battle and they haven’t been getting food for the last 5 minutes.

  1. We need a visual indicator that shows where the current shipment is incoming. Not just down in the bar. Like an arrow or something on the screen would suffice.
  1. Terrain should give bonuses/negatives. So high ground, slow swamp, etc…