Bugs feedback based on patch 10807

1.Chinese Grenadier (Young Guard from french consulate) lost their “heavy infantry” tag, btw usual grenadier and french church guards have.
2.In the Map Central Plain, trading route TPs could not upgrade in normal ways(unlike u choose both native tp and trading toute tp then “tab”)
3.I thought u didnt notice that u can train native units in trading route tp when u select both trading route and native tp, or the studio didnt succeed to fix the BUG3 which cause the BUG2.
4.Translation mimstake: when players OUT, the Chinese shows as “输出”(means output but not lost)the correct translation is “出局”.
5.Spectator mod usually break down after several seconds of the gameplay.

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Nice compilation, but if you want something done about it you should make a thread for each issue. Didnt know any of those issues

  • The champion upgrade of minor native american units of the trading post have an old icon of the original game, and not a reworked one (the icon of the arrows). It seems very pixelated and blurry.

· USA civ from the Steel campaign builds Manors, but they don’t spawn additional settlers, although they are mor expensive than a house

I think it is not supposed to. Its just a more expensive house

6.After ally with German consulate, fail to train train banner army (like wall up the war academy) will return MORE 20% food.
7.Skirmisher upgrade icon took wrong place after Finnish revolution.

infinitefoodbug.age3Yrec (3.8 MB)
i ll show how Chinese gain infinite food by this bug

This issue is now being tracked by our team. Thanks for taking the time to make the recordgame and report it!