Bugs feedback based on patch 6159

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  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10
    1.U can train native units in trading-routeTP when select both nativeTP& trading-routeTP
    2.Consulate ally to Brit/broke remains 2%HP bonus, just like what u fixed JP Isolation BUG in last patch.
    3.Consulate ally to Brit gives DOUBLE HPbonus to shock Inf. units and TRIPLE to Tiger claw.
    4.PLEASE make clear the differences between hand cav. tag and heavy cav. tag especially on bow cavs/goons’ attack bonus.
    5.Yamabushi could garrison in TC cuz they have healer tag?
    i cant understand why the studio is struggling with the bugs which ESOC have fixed several years ago.
    *Those above arent balance problems, but BUGs.
    by Cry_Baby 2020/11/17
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There is a difference?

India monk、rifle riders etc.

Whats more, ur units’ upgrade button moved after some techs researched.
For Chinese , 4 kind of unts’ exalted upgrade button disappered after blockhouse/castle strengthed.

Etc? RR are unique and the monks are unique heroes. Not really an etc lol.

Seriously?Maybe u ignored the revolt units like Vaquero/Charro (mexican revolt)、llanero(Colombians)

What’s the difference between hand cav and heavy cav? That’s where it started and now you’re asking about individual unique units.

Are you wanting to know about hidden tags on these unique units? Such as rifle riders being both tagged as both light cav and heavy cav?

okay 1 question, should rifle rider/Indian Monk be countered by bow riders/goons?

And whats the real damage when goon shoot at rifle rider/Indian Monks?