[Bugs & General Feedback]

Dear community, dear developers,

once again, I have discovered some things in AoE 4.

Already reported bugs and feedback:

○ The victory text “Sieg” is not centered in German (it should be a bit further to the right).

○ The LOD of the vegetation (trees, bushes, grasses, etc.) is not esthetic and looks distracting overall (on “High” graphics settings).


○ If two cutscenes follow directly after each other, and you hold down ESC during the first sequence, the pause menu pops up quickly and several times in a row with loud sound effects.

○ The AI feels dumb overall: friendly units don’t always react to nearby allies under attack. Friendly military units sometimes stop in the middle of the battle instead of moving forward. Ranged units prefer to shoot at nearby buildings instead of the much more dangerous enemies two meters further away.

○ Suggestions related to the AI:

It should be possible to choose between different AI behavior modes. For example “Normal”, “Aggressive”, “Defensive”, “Hold Position” (but in contrast to the current “Hold Position” very strict: no movement: even if you sent the units somewhere else … they stay in their mode at the new spot).

In addition, the player should be offered a patrol function for each military unit.

○ Some tutorial instructions that appear in the middle of the game should be able to be clicked away by the player (e.g. “do not show again”). They partially cover important information and buttons.

○ Some tutorial instructions appear again and again, even though you have already done what is being explained to you.

Kind regards :slight_smile:


More AI troubles:

○ Own units do not automatically react to enemy fire while burning down a building.

○ Enemy units do not react to my long-range shots (they just freeze).

○ Cannons move across the map without human assistance. This just looks strange.

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I hope this thread doesn’t get lost.

The help text in the single player sandbox sucks big time. For example, it’s constantly written above a worker’s head, “Left click on a villager”. Again and again, even though I clicked on him (no further instructions follow after that).

And the AI … well. I think I’ve said enough about that. ^^

Hey there, thanks for both the reports and suggestions. We’ve shared these with the team.

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I noticed this a lot in my first AI game. Units I click to send over to an area to fight sometimes just stop moving even though the enemy is still there. I’ve also had situations where the units will stop going to where I click even just to move them without a battle going on.

I’ve noticed a lot of other small things that in the heat of things are hard to put together a list for but it doesn’t seem quite right.

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Also want to point out that in my first AI game, my AI ally spent 10+ minutes walking sheep around my town center, to the point where I just starting kill them off myself for food. I think if I didn’t do that, it would have just kept bouncing around my TC with sheep following. I don’t really get what it was doing, but it looked like it got stuck in a loop.

AI also doesn’t seem to know how to organize attacks or anything. After a while it doesn’t even try. It just sends stray units - sometimes a half dozen or so, into the enemy town, but that’s it. I don’t get whether they are incapable of balancing and collecting resources and so they are just tapped out of what they need or what. I know this was just released but there seems like a lot of obvious problems with the AI that should have been noticed & fixed prior to release.

I have the saved game, but not sure if that’s what needed to debug.