Bugs in my custom campaigns, but not for me

It happens almost in every of my custom campaigns. One person complaints that there is a problem with the 3rd scenario. Either nothing happens, when you complete the main objective (wining conditions), or the 4rth scenario doesn’t appear when you win the 3rd.
It’s always about the 3rd.
Secondly and most important, they never happen to me. Not only before I publish them, but even after publishing them, I test my campaigns and there is no problem for me. Everything works fine. So how is it that I never have issues with my custom campaigns, but there is almost always someone who has bugs?
(also why is it happening mainly around the 3rd scenario?)

Their one with the fourth level will be because they loaded a save. If you load a savegame for a custom campaign at any point, it won’t unlock the next level for you. So you need to start again and use a cheat like “i r winner” to skip the level and unlock the next one properly.

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That makes some sense.