Bugs in translate in all localizations, except English

Build: 38862
Platform: Steam
Operating System: Windows 10

Good afternoon, developers. My tongue won’t turn to say “dear”. Why didn’t the all new localizations (except English) translate the new phrases introduced in the update? Don’t you respect your players at all? You took my Russian translation version (thank you for that, of course), but didn’t even bother to make the changes you made in the updates to the technology tree?

This is in all localizations, except English. I am very much outraged!!!

Fixed Russian file: strings.txt (725.9 KB)

Here the correct german terms (corrections in bold):


“Spieler” - “Militär” - “Wirtschaft” - “Religion” - “Technologien” - “Überlebt?” - “Weltwunder” - “Gesamt”


“Spieler” - “Getöte Gegner” - “Verwüstung” - “Eigene Verluste” - “Tötungen/Verluste” - “Größtes Heer” - “Gesamt”


“Spieler” - “Gesammeltes Gold” - “Größte Bevölkerung” - “Bevölkerungsbonus” - “Erkundung” - “Größte Erkundung” - “Tribut gezahlt/erhalten” - “Gesamt”

RELIGION is fine.


“Spieler” - “Technologien” - “Meiste Technologien” - “1. in Bronzezeit” - “1. in Eisenzeit” - “Gesamt”

Many greetings.

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