[Bugs] Moonwalking Path of Exile

  • A lot of NPC moonwalking in Path of Exile
  • When completing the first scenario of the Yodit campaign (Ethiopians) named ‘Path of Exile’, both on standard and hard, there is no flag/medal. I’m getting a medal for the second mission and all the other scenarios in the other campaigns work normally, however. (only Saladin left to do and the historic battles, will update after)

I know only two possibilities for this to happen:

  • Cheating. If you use cheats when winning a scenario, you advance to the next one, but no medal appears on the first.
  • Having won it before medals were implemented. If the scenario had been already won before the update which introduced medals, no medal appears.
    The possible third possibility, of course, is the presence of some bug.

Gee thanks, you think I’d be reporting this if I was cheating my way through? And I started the campaigns early February and I’ve been getting all the medals except for this one scenario, as I’ve stated already.

And yeah, go figure. It’s the third, possible possibility, it’s an actual bug. I’ve completed it twice to confirm it’s a bug (standard and hard). If you’d actually read my post properly, you’d know that.