Bugs on Tech Tree/Icons

  • GAME BUILD #: 19 january 2021 build
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10


  1. Old mercenary Hackappell still on tech tree instead of Harquebusier in Saloon and Monasteries, although now they are untrainable in normal gameplay.

  2. Revolutionary milita shows the strings of the scenario militia of Forge Valley militia (120 food cost instead of 100, wrong description also regarding that they have cold)

  3. Tech tree shows gatling guns avaliable on foundry, but not all revolutionary civs have them (This is not a bug, but something to adress)

  4. In the Ottoman alliance from the consulate for Indians, the tech for “Levy” shows the Revolutionary milita icon, but it should show the same icon for Levy on Town Centers.


  1. This is not an issue related to the tech, but to homecity. Revolutionary Canada have Lazerbear unit icon instead of normal bear on homecity shipment.

I would discuss if this unit is viable/it’s a meme unit kind of the old native american animal guardian conversion / training, but this is only a bug report.

This issue is currently being tracked. Thanks for your report!

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Spotted another one, in Spanish tech tree, Wild Geese don’t have an icon