Build additional markets near to neutral markets, instead of building them as far as possible,

Same thing with Religious building and Monks.
You can qeue monks and shift click the rally point back and forth between all the relics and the religious building. And the unit you produce will collect and deliver each relic you rallied.

Another trick i find extremely usefull at least for abbasid and dheli consider they tend to go for bushes is when the vills are on the last bush or 2 last bushes, you can shift click them to build a new mill near alternate food source, this make sit so when the bush runs dry, they will immidietly start moving to the next foodsource.

Same goes with villagers on woodline when the woodline starts getting close of turning dry, just select them all and shift click them to make a camp near the next woodline, and eventually once their tree is emptied they will start moving off to the next one.

Saves you a lot of idle time and microing for later stages of the game when your busy fighting.


Wow thanks a lot for the answers!
This seems like a strange interaction, but as long as the devs don’t fix it i guess we can use it. :wink:

Then they could just balance trade from that point without this trick being involved.

I agree.


ah that means in maps like french pass you can do it twice per run xD

And TGs with micro you can do it back to back.

Or with malians you just take the toll and keep doing it in the exact same spot. Over and over.

according to RB it’s not a bug. But they wont fix it.
Devs should do 2 versions of game: for tournaments and for others. UPD: [SARCAZM]

nah, thats a very bad idea, splits the community even more. obviously pros will play on the tourney version, the huge portion of players that follow pros will want to play on tourney version to emulate, that will kill MP

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Yeah I’d say that’s an exceptionally bad idea. Like potentially the worst anyone has suggested.

upd, that it was sarcazm LOL.

But what we really should do: treat game as ONE, tournaments + devs + others.

There is a huge list of “features” which considered by RB as bugs but devs are sleeping and in reverse.

Walls, stone towers, some shit with fast-repair, etc.

This is a bug that I already reported

If we are going to remove that “bug”, which also seems to work with docks too, then I think there should be some other adjustments to compensate for this, as this mechanic is one of the few things that makes trade viable in 1v1 for civs that arent mali, otto or mongols.
One good change would be to make so that traders move faster when not carrying any resources with them and move at the current speed when carrying ressources back to the market.
As for team games they could put the neutral matket more in the middle of the map instead of the corners to cut off some of the distance while making so that trade posts spawn in the corners when playing 1v1s.



Appreciate the discussion. This one is being worked on.


Oh shit… now mali will be dead last in all scenarios…

And I hope they fix the bug in the markets because of the false winrate it has now

Mali winrates dont have anything to do with their trade, but its because of how strong the farimba fast castle is.
I honestly would prefer that they added a radius around the neutral trade post where you cant build markets within a certain amount of tiles near the neutral trade post rather than removing the mechanic completely.
It doesn’t even seem like a bug, but a mechanic intended to make it easy to change the home market to the location players want.

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Trade gives gold and Farimba costs gold, how illogical!

They can trade after castle, but at the start they rely more on their vills and pit mines. Trade is definitely not what is making mali strong here, but how safe their fast castle it is.
The landmark makes their first mine pretty much untouchable and they can rely on their cattle for food income and to go quickly to castle and spam units from the farimba garrison since all they need is to gather gold.

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I read it 1000 times and I still dont understand, if it’s after they arrive at the other market why change the destination anyway? they have the load already, right?

In that case the trader should pick up the appropriate amount of gold measured from the close market that they came from. Changing home markets is fine but tricking the neutral market into giving a trader maximum gold when it just spawned 10 tiles away is definitely an exploit.

They don’t even need to complete the trip. He could just turn the traders around manually, emptying their bags, and get an instant 40f 40g again, enough for another trader so the process scales exponentially.

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