Build all 15 wonders doesnt work

Hi building all 15 wonders doesnt unlockl the pick. I have the achievement inmy steam awars but it doesnt unlock the pic.

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It worked for me. Did you build them with the event? You have to do it again, even if you already got the steam achievement


Ok so how exactly did u do it?

Same problem for me, built them all, since event, like 3 times over (all 15), but it still does not unlock at all.

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I basically only play skirmish, still haven’t given the reward, been trying to get this done all week now. Any solution or support from the developers themselves to actually fix this issue or give a proper update what is required?

Somehow mine got unlocked. May be tehy did a hotfix. Thnx

Now the last one doesnt work though :frowning:

I just attempted the build 15 wonders event achievement today and it did not work for me. The Steam achievement for it popped up when I built the last one but the event profile picture didnt unlock.

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The last challenge doesnt work for me now. I tried it three times already. Also when i click on start challenge it doesnt bring me in lobby like before. I did it on fast speed.

The last challange is very specific, make sure you have all the conditions met first

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Ah thnx man the large silk road map. I will try it out.