Builders of Pasture kill sheep away from pasture's rally point without being instructed to do so

Game Version: 5.0.11009.0

Bug Description:
One of my villagers that built a pasture decided to kill a sheep away from the pasture’s rally point without being instructed to do so. Crippling my early economy. Mongols are expected to build pastures near the Ovoo early game to increase their production.

Fix: The villager AI should not automatically kill the sheep spawned by the Pasture, if the pasture has a rally point assigned to it.

I have included a short clip for your analysis.

You can use shift commands such as build and move to a nearby TC or rally point

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@PeacefulCap2829 I understand that. However, at the time the build order was issued for the villagers I did not have enough wood to issue the build order for the following pasture. However I guess I could have told them to travel to the location where I wanted to build the next pasture.

I think that this is more a coding issue with the villager farm assignment system which assigns one and only one of the builders to kill the sheep upon completing the pasture regardless of chained user commands.

In regards of sheep I don’t feel that a sheep should be killed automatically by a single villager while it is a far distance away from it’s rally point. At least have the villager travel to the pasture’s rally destination with the sheep before killing it as the user went to the trouble of setting that rally point.

Thanks for your response! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @R3volut1on1ze. I see what you’re saying. We’ll look into the best behavior for Villagers without an assigned task after completing a Pasture.

Any thoughts here?

Simply go idle rather than attempt to harvest Sheep?

Or would you prefer they still do murder the sheep, but head to the rally point first as suggested?

No problem @SavageEmpire566 , thanks for taking the time to read my post.

I don’t think a villager should be assigned to the pasture, like they are assigned for farm plots. Since it does not really make sense to only expect a player to have 1 villager gathering from each sheep.

If the rally point is set for the pasture by the player before it is constructed, the villager’s AI should travel to the spawned sheep’s destination before killing it automatically.

I personally believe the AI should always wait for the sheep to reach their set destination before slaughtering them. In several games I have been low on sheep and the villagers killed the sheep several meters away from its rally point. Resulting in a major negative impact on resource gathering.