Building 3 houses instead of 2

It’s 12,5 secs of vill idle time and the ratio I calced is about 1:3. The key is that the calc I done evaluates it at any given moment in castle age and as tc idle time snowballs, idle tc in the beginning in the game is ofc much worse than later in the game, as you can’t compensate for it with adding more TCs.

Still, until Castle age 6 secs idle time of the TC only adds up to about 60 ressource equivalent, so it isn’T the end of the world. But as you can avoid that 60 res loss just with playing “standard” I don’t see why you want to chose losing 60 res basically for “free”.

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  1. select TC and shift queue max amount of vills
  2. select 2 vills and make them build a house, then select third and make him build another. Alternatively, “select all idles” to build 1 house, then retask 1 vill to build 2nd (try to build houses as close to vills as possible so that there is minimal walking time)

if you do this correctly, you will have ZERO idle time on the TC.

The main reason why people build 1 house with 2 vills at the start is that it allows you to have 0 idle time on TC, anything else, you will be shortly pop capped.

Building 3rd house shortly after finishing first 2 is likewise not needed ad somewhere around the 10-11 pop mark you might be forced to force drop where you wouldn’t have to otherwise, and in the time you build the house you could gather 15-20 resources, in short you want to use your resources as late as possible while not suffering idle time/pop cap, this is why in most BOs the 3rd house is done by 12th vill (13 pop), since the 13th would make you pop capped.

This post is almost obviously written without really reading anything in here. It has been explained why the 1 + 2 houses happened in the first place + there has been a discussion about idle time for many many posts…

don’t have time to go through 40+ posts, you accuse me of not going through the whole thread, I can rebuke by saying that what I wrote is common knowledge and shouldn’t be material for a thread to begin with.