Building and unit icons appearing as black boxes

Game Version : 101.101.33059.0 4403463

Issue : Icons are appearing as black/empty. So for example when I click on a villager and click the building button, instead of being shown the icons of 5 possible buildings to choose from I am shown 5 empty boxes. See below (bottom left corner):

Similarly, if I click the TC, instead of being shown an icon for build villager, research loom and advance to dark age, I am shown 3 black/empty boxes. I will post an image showing this as a reply, as new users are limited to one photo per post

Reproduction Steps : This happens to me every time I open and play age of empires, which basically means I haven’t been able to play it at all.

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I’ve posted the image of what happens when I click the TC below:

Maybe updating graphics card drivers fixes this issue

Mine dose the same thing when I try to play multiplayer on a map I built did u find a way to fix it

Hello I built a custom map and started playing with friends in multiplayer and I have no building or unit icons just black square my friends all have icons

Just restart the game. (Stupidly simple).
I changed my graphics to windowed mode so the BUG had to emerge there.

Got the same problem. After creating the scenario and testing it, all icons are black.

Hi @Celo3447 !

We cannot reproduce this issue, do you have a mod installed? Could you verify your files in Steam? AoE - Properties - Local files