Building Orders

Any building orders popping up for this game yet? How do I keep up with everyone ageing ahead of me?

Check aussie drongo youtube channel for some guide.
Also spirit of the law has a good early game guide too


You can be very greedy if you scout well enough and or throw up some palisades \ walls, then depending on your play style, crank out some age 2 units to harass and slow the enemy down whilst you ramp up the greed then thump down 4x rax, archer, stable and pump units out fast and for a long time…

Depends on the civ also obviously, French and English seems to be fairly easy to do this with but others can come out of no where with camel archers or something wacky and just delete you while you try to setup the greed!

Same as most games, use the scouts and always send a unit or two over to check what’s up, Mongols can be shifty as!!! So can the Rus!


Thanks guys. Still looking for something that works for me. I havent even found a civ to main yet