Buildings under attack shouldnt be destroyed by the owner

Was playing as the Mongols and their main bonus is the raiding bonus which is when I burn buildings I get resources. But I and my friend were able to counter the Mongols very efficiently by simply destroying the building before it was burned. The Mongol player gets into a difficult situation as soon as we started doing that. Because he invested heavily into that technology and didn’t get anything in return.

I think when a building is under attack it needs some kind of cooldown until the delete button appears.



This would break too many other game play mechanics. Also you could just have a villager on it to cancel the countdown timer (If you weren’t able to do this, your suggestion change would become OP)

For example, fast/counter rush, when you build a wall with no gate and drop it to have your cavalry run in and then repair. Enemy thinks they’re attacking an indefensible side.

Building replacement when a raid was squashed, and you for some reason still have a count down timer? No thanks. Quickly replacing buildings when wanting to build counter units of the raid type unit.

In addition, because of bugs some buildings actually build faster from scratch than being repaired. To be honest it found like that player found a decent way to counter this bonus and it’s valid and decent.

Most bonuses, units, etc have a counter.

At least the Mongols need to have the ability to set a cooldown on enemy buildings to be destroyed when it is under attack. At the moment you have no idea how their bonus is under a 100% threat.

Walls don’t give any resources to the Mongols when it burns! S your example is useless in this case.

Why would you replace your building to counter build when it is not under attack. This is probably the most stupid reason ever.

As I read your comment, you are a new player in this game and have little experience in professional to good players.

My point about this was that if the change were to occur, because of the way we know the game is designed right now it would likely occur to any building type.

The Chinese landmark “Great Wall” tied certain buildings and walls together and as a result are tightly coupled.

As I read your comment, you are a new player in this game and have little experience in professional to good players.

I’ll just leave this be, you clearly don’t recognize my username.

Stone walls don’t grant resources upon burning effect.
So again, your point is off here.
I was telling buildings that grant resources that are under attack must not be deleted, bcse the Mongols get bonus resources for burning buildings.

Wooden and stone walls don’t grant any resources so it is off topic…

And this proves that you are a new player in this game…

If a player deletes a building that is being attacked, even if it is not burning, Mongol get the bonus.

What do you meaaaaaan>???

What you saying is more like a game-breaking exploit…