Bulgarian Blacksmith, am I missing something

One of the civ bonuses for Bulgarians is 50% cheaper blacksmith tec, but it lists as the same cost as every other civ and seems to cost the same in game.

I’m assuming I’m over looking something, could someone please clarify.

Kind regards

Mike Mee

are you playing with all techs?

Are you looking in the tech tree? I don’t think the bonuses are reflected there, but I could be wrong.

The tech tree doesn’t reflect bonuses unless you start the game and requirements are fulfilled.

For starters, without starting the game check out the price of Horse Collar for Franks. Then start the game, press F2 and then check. Notice the difference.

Not all bonuses are straightforward though. 2 Man Saw costs 300F 200W normally, but for Chinese it costs 240F 160W. If you check out the tech tree, you will see different price in different ages because the cost is modified only after ageing up despite 2MS being Imperial Age technology.