Bulgarian Campaign (Mission 2) Bug fails game without warning

Game Version:

  • Build (####) Version 101.101.33164.0 4413571 <— i hope that’s the correct info
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store) Steam


This behavior could be intentional, but it isn’t made clear to the player:
I was playing this mission in particular as “normal”: I defended myself until i could make an army and the first player i chose to attack was player 3\Green. I pretty much wiped them out and was in the process of fighting another player when Green finally resigned - and for some reason the wonder blew up and caused the game to fail which made me a little sad not gonna lie.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Launch “An Unlikely Alliance”
  2. Without focusing on attacking other enemies, take down green first & be sure to destroy all their towers and units.
  3. Green should resign, and the wonder should blow up and cause a fail-game.
    Note: I noticed the relic and the wolves buried in trees in the far-left corner of the map - i dont think any of my units interacted with them as i was using infantry.

If it is a bug, it is still here.

I finished the mission on moderate. On my Hard playthrough, the Wonder gets destroyed every time I take Green down.

This still exists in July 2020, Version 101.101.37906.05105673

I suspect it has to do with the Monument changing owners. When the Monument changes from you to the enemy, it sometimes changes to green even if green was not the one who captured it. When green is dead this somehow causes the Monument to be destroyed instead, losing the mission.