Bulgarians are a better version of Spanish

both Spanish and Bulgarians Have

  • Largely irrelevant eco bonuses
  • Cheap blacksmith upgrades
  • Good trash units with Spanish having all upgrades and Bulgarians only missing ring archer armor but having access to stirrups and bargains.
  • Both lack crossbow
  • Spanish have FU for every other unit except Heavy scorps but with have no real bonuses besides faster firing gunpowder which is useless before imp and inquisition which is situational
  • Bulgarians have free militia upgrades, bagains, and stirrup to make up for missing crossbow
  • Spanish rely on an absolutely broken unique unit which they are force into to prop up their otherwise garbage civ
  • Bulgarians have a Unique unit that sounds great on paper but ends being just okay despite its synergy with Krepost
  • Spanish have a team bonus that is worthless in 1v1, irrelevant in team games until the late game where it becomes absolutely broken
  • Bulgarians have a team bonus that has synergy with their blacksmith bonus and helps their teammate get blacksmith upgrades.