BumbleSnoot the Pig Bear (concept art derived from AoE4 wallpaper)

I have the Age of Empires IV wallpaper artwork as my PC wallpaper. Every time I look at it, I can’t help but notice this part I’ve circled in red and envision a cute little critter being pet on the head by his owner, hahaha…

So, now, I introduce you to ‘BumbleSnoot the Pig Bear’ :smiley: He’s a good little pig-bear :hugs: :purple_heart:

(Pig bear concept by yours truly. Surrounding painting is obviously quick fan art of the Age of Empires IV wallpaper created by/copyright by Microsoft and Relic Entertainment. I wanted BumbleSnoot to have a place to sit and admire his surroundings in awe :slight_smile: )


ultimate cheat unit???


Is Bumblesnoot also a treasure guardian?


All this time I imagined he was holding a child in a cape, now you really wololoed me into thinking its a standing little bear. lol.

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I mean… I wouldn’t be opposed :joy: I admit this crossed my mind. What would his special ability/power be?

Ha! Well, BumbleSnoot and pig-bears, in general, are kind-hearted, gentle creatures. As such, they may not be the best treasure guardians :smile: As a cheat, though, their powers/abilities would be pretty merciless and effective, lol.

Oh, wow. Too funny! I never saw that. I always figured it was a canvas bag of grains or oats, or something. However, I couldn’t un-see a cute pig-bear once I envisioned that.

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haha the bag version never crossed my mind. But now that you’re telling it, yeah, it seems the most likely, he must be feeding the sheep with something from the bag, like hay. The left sheep looks like it is waiting for the man to get that thing out.

-if the sheep is even looking at that direction, or I’m just seeing that wrong too- lol

I think it is the shadow of the man’s right hand that confused me, that would be a really long right hand!
I always thought it was the hand of the ‘bag’.

Now I just hope that it is a little bear.

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It’s a mystery, for sure. Only the artist and Relic probably know for certain :wink:

I had to update BumbleSnoot a little. A few things were bothering me. I needed him to look more like the wallpaper art in some respects; lest I depart too far from my original vision of him… so I’ve updated my OP with latest version of artwork :slight_smile: To me, he’s a little cuter now

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Hahaha, I have this as my desktop wallpaper too ever since I got it through newsletter email…now I can’t un-see it. You’re right. I thought it was a toddler.


would love to have it to be honest. AOE 3 still has the best cheats.

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I’d love to see someone from the dev teams come over here and share with us the whole idea or story behind the wallpaper -if there is one-, as well as what the cute pig-bear is exactly supposed to be!

I mean, as long as they do not give away something that they do not want to, about the game, why not, it is always nice seeing passionate devs hanging around, being in touch with the community and taking pride at what they’ve done.

Let alone that your pig bear fits nicely in his aoe4 surroundings, he is happy with what he sees too, it’s some great fan art.

I suggest him as the community’s mascot. :grin:
Maybe we could give him a backstory too. Τhe little pig bear was thirsty for the game, so he came out of the forest to drink some from AoEIV’s crystal waters. Then he stopped by, rose on his back feet and marveled at what the devs had accomplished so far. :grin: (we do not see that because it is out of the picture).
Now the little pig bear will drink again when the game gets released. :smile:


Oh, that would be really cool! Little tidbits like that from development are always nice to hear :slight_smile:


:sweat_smile: Little pig bear sure knows an awesome game on the horizon when he sees one! His emergence from the forest to drink from the crystal waters helps show his excitement for the title and gives his blessing to the work he has seen so far.

Pig bears are fully real, but a somewhat mythic creature; only seen by a handful of villagers and towns through the ages. Legend has it that behind each great empire has been the good luck and blessings of pig bears. For those lucky enough to come across them in the deep forest or at a stream of crystal waters and lead them back to town, pig bears are said to bring good fortune. Once the pig bear sees the love and care given to it at its new home, bountiful harvests and livestock, and fertility, borne from the warmth of the pig bear quickly lifts the town up and helps it flourish. A symbiotic relationship forms and a powerful civilization is likely to arise.

Today, BumbleSnoot is one such pig bear. Looking at AoE4’s development with much joy and excitement; waiting for the day when he’ll get to bless a civilization. It’s in their DNA to help :slight_smile:

But don’t threaten them. They have a nasty defense mechanism. There are stories of vast empires crumbling to the ground at the feet of pig bears…


haha, love the story of the pig bears. It’s important for BumbleSnoot’s role as the community’s mascot that they also entail a dose of threat, they may be cute but they certainly do not like getting mocked at, especially because of their piggy soft skin and shape.

They inspire respect, joy for the good fortune that their rare sight can bring, but also fear to those civs who will disrespect them or dare to hunt them down out of their greed.

Rumors also say that they love getting hugged by the villagers’ children who often play by the river and have been lucky enough to see one coming out to quench its thirst for a new Age title. :grin:

Hopefully we will also be lucky to see one when the game is released!

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Exactly, UrbanizedGem684! They’re more than capable of unleashing a maelstrom of unrelenting fury on those who dare wrong them.

Hahaha, excellent visuals there. These happy-go-lucky creatures are loved by those who respect and admire them, for sure.

I hope someday to witness one coming into the clearing to take a sip at a mountain stream or crystalline brook and witness the splendor of AoE IV updates.

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