Burgrave Palace Feedback/Suggestion


I really like the Burgrave Palace, both as an aggressive Age III landmark aimed to push with infantry or as a defensive one to catch up in numbers when you don’t have the map control necessary for the Reignitz Cathedral.
That being said, I think some issues make it much less viable than its counterpart.

Currently, the Burgrave Palace is equivalent, on paper, to 5 barracks.
I say on paper because:

  • you can’t queue different units and/or technologies
  • you need to wait for a big bundle of resources to launch production, making it harder to manage especially in a fast paced game

A first big improvement would be to make the building produce units x5 faster (or up to 5 in parrallel ?) instead of 5 at a time (in the same spirit as the English Council Hall) to avoid the issues above.

Another suggestion, because the Holy Roman Empire have access to a lot of infantry technologies upon arriving in Age III (Heavy Maces, Two-Handed Weapons, Man-at-Arms, Veteran Spearman) and to incentive the “infantry power spike” that I think the landmark is designed for, would be to have a speed bonus on technology research speed in addition of unit production (value to be determined).

This would make the landmark more unique and allow to quickly upgrade troops massed in Age II and go on the offensive. Such bonus would still be useful upon reaching Age IV where the Holy Roman Empire get more unique technologies (Riveted Chain Mail and Elite Landsknecht).

I would like to hear what my fellow HRE players think about this.


I’ve already recommended this in the HRE threads so yeah fully support the 5 simultaneous lines.

I think it’s a pretty logic conclusion and this reach simultaneously by different people. Like with the spring nerf and other things.

Faster tech speed will be nice as well. But having simultaneous lines does also help with that, as it doesn’t block up a rax as usual.

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This landmark needs a buff somehow. Maybe a 25 to 30 precent reduce cost to make it good to use.

Like the ideas.

Maybe the Landmark also can also garrison? Could make for some cool forward Landmark play.

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