Burgundians On Arabia 1v1?

Okay, there is argument (at least many are saying that) to be made if the Burgundians are played on Arena, that they are too strong or something. But only because they have a much better chance of safely booming. Where as a on map like Arabia vs a pro player they simply get rushed if they simply went full boom. (making no army)

The game is mostly balanced around 1 vs1 Arabia. All the other maps are basically therefore show for the most part. So, do Burgundians hold up on Arabia? Team games are don’t matter much either.

Balancing is not only around 1vs1 and not only on arabia. Otherwise why got the cuman wall nerfed? I highly doubt that it was too op in 1vs1.

I cant say how they are doing on arabia. But in a healthy game u cant only do the balancing for 1vs1 for one map, even if its the most played.

Balance is mainly done for 1v1 on Arabia, since it is the most popular setting to play the game.

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They do changes based on team game balance since they nerfed the Khmer, Indians, Burmese and Franks. If anything team games make it easier to beat the Burg paladins (since chances are, your team will have stronger paladins) and flemish rev should be ruined by mass archers, while in 1v1 you can’t get both (ig Magyars can but they don’t have the eco nor the pop space to have enough 11) and trash units get clapped by flemish.

Burgundians as is, are a travesty to game-balance.

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Just trim down that silly OP flemish revolution and we are fine, at all maps and modes.

And of course all modes, maps and elos matter, besides 1v1 arabia is of course the most important one.

PS: I also think the Team Bonus is a bit too strong right now. It was fine before.