Burmese campaign Shan/Ayutthaya civ confusion

I don’t understand why the Shan (spelled in Burmese as Syam from the name Siam, but Burmese doesn’t have the y sound to pronounce it as written) were assigned as Chinese, while Ayutthaya (Siam) were assigned Khmer when from the Burmese perspective, they are the same people? It would be understandable if this happens in separate campaigns, but why is there such a need here?

If we go by culture, shouldn’t the Shans be closer to Burmese than Chinese? I agree that ayutthaya being Khmer is the most accurate choice though, considering that the Tai/Siamese civ was rolled back from RoR.

I think the Shan are represented as Chinese because despite living primarily in modern-day Myanmar, they’re a separate ethnic group from the Bamar that Bayinnaung’s Toungoo Empire represents. The Shan are ethnic Tais, and Tais originate from southern China.

Conversely, Ayutthaya is represented as Khmer because modern-day Thailand was predominantly part of the Khmer Empire during the Age of Empires II timeframe, despite Khmer Empire having collapsed by the time of Bayinnaung.