Burmese Elephant Archers (with Howdah)

I think the Burmese should gain the Elephant Archer. Of course, they’d have to give up the Cavalry Archer, but Arambai can sort of perform a similar role. The Burmese having Elephant Archers would be fitting for two reasons:

  1. They are the closest SEA civ to India geographically. If the Bengalis and Dravidians can get Battle Elephants because of their eastern location, then the Burmese can get Elephant Archers for a similar reason.

  2. Elephant Archers literally use howdahs, and the Burmese have Howdah as their unique tech. It would make logical sense to give the Burmese the only unit that actually uses the thing that their Imperial Age UT is named after. Plus, Howdah could have a secondary effect of giving Elephant Archers +2 range in addition to armor. No other civ has Elephant Archers that can go beyond +3 range.


Sure it is more thematic but I think they won’t get much utility from EA. They +1/1 for free instead of paying for the second armor upgrade in castle age which is nice. In imperial becomes Howdah is a more expensive substitute for the third archer armor you also get PT but so do Bengalis

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They do if Howdah also gives them +2 range. With the extra armor from the civ bonus, Howdah, and Parthian Tactics, they have as much pierce armor as any generic archer unit, but have an extra 2 range, making them more useful as support units compared to other EA civs.

As an avid enjoyer of elephant archers,I completely support this idea. There are only two civs which can actually use them right now. Gurjaras ele archers are borderline useless. Plus, ele archers could be a decent anti-archer option for the burmese.