Burmese have no team bonus

On paper the Burmese have the team bonus that relics are visible on the map from the start of the game. With the change that the vision is shared from Dark Age on this bonus is useless. If it was a “normal” bonus the outcome would be the same. Maybe an opportunity to add a bonus to the burmese as they have a win rate isn‘t great 45.5% for 1900+ players aoestats.io)


I mean, you’re still revealing the relics. It’s not the strongest of bonuses (and compared to Vietnamese it does feel redundant), but knowing where the relics are for the team is quite important.

But if we were to buff the bonus (or change it), what if… they continued to give line of sight even when under enemy control? 11

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Hey, I‘m not saying it‘s a bad bonus, just pointing out that it‘s not a team bonus. If it was a normal civ bonus, your team mates would still see the relics because of the shared vision. Exactly like the vietnamese bonus is not a team bonus although the whole team benefits from it.


Agreed. They need a new team bonus.

I noticed this flaw pretty much as soon as the change to team LoS occurred. When Burmese got buffed several patches ago, I was really hoping they’d be given a new TB with relic sight being moved to a regular bonus. I’m all for giving them a proper TB.

Maybe their elephant armor can be moved to a team bonus.

A 7 civ team bonus? Is it enough

Maybe you’re right. I dunno.

New team bonus: Barracks are 15% cheaper.

  1. Helps their Infantry identity.
  2. It’s a solid early game bonus (saving 26 wood) that affects everyone on the team.
  3. Maybe it helps so that we see a little more infantry played in team games.

Agree it sux as at castle age when you can pick relics, everybody already knows where are relics !

It could be fun to give a visible area arround relics, like a small spy arround them.

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