Burmese vs Mayans on Arabia

Without the ability to easily wall up I think this match-up is quite frankly awful on a map like this. If the map was more closed, they could wall up and it might give them a fighting chance. There might be some other civs, like the Teutons, another civ that needs to turtle and boom, which is very hard to do on this new Arabia.

I wonder even on a super choke pointy map, could the Burmese have a chance to win vs the Mayans? The Burmese only having one archer upgrade seems a very bad match-up vs an archer civ.

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Thing is, Mayans is probably the best Arabia civ we currently have. And Burmese one of the worst. Plus Burmese have very restricted tools against archers.

So in all conclusion the matchup indeed heavily favors mayans.

But aren’t we looking for buffs for burmese so they get more/better tools against archery anyways?
I don’t think it’s the map, it’s just that burmese are currently not very well designed.

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Burmese are undepowered while Mayans are overpowered, is basically a 100% civ win for Mayans (or any other archer civ).

absolutely brutal MU for burmese until you get to manipur cavalry at which point the favored party should flip. You can combat archers in a couple of different ways, your skirms are normal in feudal, you can use mangonels scorpions and rams in castle, in imperial you can use manipur hussars, howdah elephants, and onagers. Mayans dominate the MU but I bet Burmese equalize once they can get past mid castle.

Here’s the thing
Mayans have one vill lead, then extra food by the longer lasting res, then you are ahead massing archers like nothing thanks to the civ bonus, and then you can also add eagles to have a mobile raid unit, Mayan player keep massing crossbows like nothing and literally for free so even massing Knights becomes useless, longswords aren’t an option, siege sniped by eagles=bye bye Burmese.
The more I see the match up the more I hate Mayans.

I do think Mayans are the easier civ to play here. but isn’t the general consensus Burmese are worse off Vs CA civs, because siege is good enough against foot archers (except Britons)

But I have had some interesting games as Burmese against them. Firstly make it messy. Slows everyone down. Use siege Vs archers, and imo stay aggressive. At least Burmese militia line is better than average at defending siege Vs eagles.(if you’re so inclined)

I’ve actually had a match where I survived into castle age, chased their xbows home with Knights, they full walled into a 3TC boom. I kept harassing with knights to force them to stay home, made 8 BE and then strolled into their base and ate their xbow ball, because there was nowhere they could micro to.

I got lucky because the opponent went 3 TC, while I went single TC, edit: they made a couple monks, but I converted the BE back

So primarily single TC for me and poor scouting from mayans

On closed maps burmese is certainly better than mayans (as you don’t need skirms bc you play infantry siege here) but on arabia it’s obviously the other way around, maybe even the single worst matchup in the game 11.

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