But what is about battle leftovers?

It’s a war game. Those few parents who have a problem with violence and war won’t buy it for their kids regardless of how it looks.

LOTR and the Hobbit movies are totally considered family friendly movies by society at large, and they play like family friendly movies, which is kinda why I’m not a fan of them.

The dwarf asking to get tossed must have been very funny, for Children.
Legolas surfing on his shield while sniping orcs must have seemed “so cool”, to ten yr olds.

Absolutely full of giant battles though.

The big concern with these movies is whether your kid is young enough to be scared by cgi monsters.

Kid wants game, asks for game, parent sees rating is “acceptable”, kid gets game, OR parent sees rating is “unacceptable”, kid doesn’t get game.

That situation plays out all the time.

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And I assume kids play AoE this days

Hope someone from the Devs saw this thread and maybe they think about this feature :D.