Byzantine Campaign

I’m totally convinced that all of you will support this topic on this post. The Byzantine Empire was one of the most relevant states of Europa from the 6th century until its weakening before the fourth crusade in the13th century. The successor of the Roman Empire was the, indirectly, authentic protector of wester Christendom due to its localization in the eastern mediterranean sea and in being an overwhelming war machine, political intrigues and diplomacy in those centuries. It had influence over all Italy, South of Spain. A state, that even had the original title of Empire, deserves to have prominence very remarkable in Age of Empire, which, as the name implies, “Empires” and Byzantium was the main exponent of it

The inexistence of a campaign in the first game, the inexistence of a campaign in conquerors DLC and its relegation as second-order faction are, I consider, knowing the importance that it had in the early medieval centuries, unnecessarily irresponsible. The successor of the Roman Empire should have, at least, one campaign of its own, because history is not a weakness to it, rather, it is a strength ¿Where could I begin? The Justinian I’s wars and his brilliant general, Belisarius to achieve his Renovatio Imperii. The many wars against the Sasanian Empire, which resulted in the most devastating war between them by historiography, Byzantine-Sasanian war of 602-628. The continuous threats that the Empire Suffered by Lombards and Normans to the west, the continuous invasions by Slavs, Bulgarians and Avars to the north. The colossal resistance given by him to the Islamic states during more than 500 years to the east and the south. The restauration of the Empire before the creation of the Latin Empire. There is an enormous spectre to create campaigns, and do not precisely easy ones, I am referring to very difficult campaigns, in fact, that was what Byzantium represented in History. Please, the We need campaigns to Byzantium

If you agree with me, please, support this noble cause


You are 100% right. All we see during AoE2 timespan is:
Barbarians attacking the Rome (huns campaign)
HRE attacking constantinople (Barbarossa campaign)
Barbarians sacking rome and being a pain for the romans (Alaric campaign)
Byzantine Bari being sieged by barbarians (you play as byzantine, and you basically lose at the end)
Englishmen take cyprus from the good guys (battles of the forgotten - Cyprus (1191))
Both turk missions - I really hate these two (battles of the forgotten - Bapheus and battles of the conquerors - Manzikert)
I only see these guys losing and losing and losing every battle. The reconquista, the 100 years war and the crusades… in all of then you can play as both sides, but for the romans is a one sided massacre.
There’s also their architeture - I’m pretty sure someone posted a thread already claiming that islamic architeture is unnacurate for orthodox temples.


I think a byzantine campaign would belong to AOE 2, which covers the time span and the civilization itself.The Byzantine empire started to exist after the fall of Rome, which is the separating point of time between AOE 1 and 2. Which actually makes me think that Goths and Huns rather belong to AOE 1…

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this isn’t related to AoE DE.

Hi, I have a different opinion from yours. I think there is one country in this period that has done something extraordinary. pls check links: and Byzantium has lost battles from Bulgaria many times. Bulgaria is the only country in Europe that, with 681 years, has the same name and a very famous history.

I would like the Byzantine campaigns as a DLC.

Also I would like all of southern Europe and anyone calling themselves Christian in the game to have these robes for the priest/monk unit: lest we forget.