Byzantine Perception

Based on your knowledge/experience, what are the features and details you expect for a future Byzantium in the game?

There are a few great topics about a Byzantine Empire / Roman Empire civ concept here on the AoE4 forum. You can use the Search buttton and so a little research, maybe build your own concept, would be much appreciated.

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Also see the “Rise and Fall” analysis of individual civs during the time of AoE4, including important historical snapshots of the Byzantine Empire:

I’m a simple guy, we get Byz with cataphracts and fire galleys and I’d be happy

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For byzantine we will most likely see following:

Unique buildings: Hospitals, as the byzantines were among the first to pioneer early form of Hospitals.

Unique unit Catapract, heavy cavalry, replacing Knight/Lancer. With stampede dmg if it is to be anything similar to the AoE2 counterpart and have it unique quirk to it.

Unique unit Flamethrower Ships, either as a separate unique unit, or even replace the Fireship due to its strength and role being rather similar (get in close and destroy ships quickly)

There many more potential unique units they could add, but those two are the one the most known one, and AoE4 doesn’t like giving each civ more than 2-3 unique units, at least military-wise. Exception being the Chinese, due to its Dynasty system and units being locked behind different dynasties.

And probably a lot of tech related to fire.
Such as Fire-projectiles from the Mangonel and Trebuchets that will leave area on the ground burning and cause units standing on top or moving through it to take damage over time / bonus damage against siege.

Cheaper siege (Springalds and Trebuchets) weapons.

Burning oil tech might be stronger for the byzantines.

Walls will most likely be cheaper / faster / stronger, more than ever, hour after hour, work is never over.

Very strong Gold econ, either through passive gold econ means or bonus income from traders.

Probably even unique Buildings that allow you to recruit Mercenaries (Similar to eng Wynguard Palace, allowing you to recruit a chunk of units purchable by gold)

Tbh, I don’t think we’d see varangian guard as unique unit upon itself. Because the Varangians weren’t just the vikings, They were pretty much any Mercenary from the far north. And could be both rus, vikings and even Strælboras (english longbowmen)

We could probably see it in the Wynguard clone landmark as being an option where you get a bunch of MaA, Archers and Cavalry.

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The varangian guard and greek fire.