Byzantine should be the next Civ

I know its early to talk about next civs cuz new dlc is not even released but i wanted to make a post about which civs should added later in my personal opinion.

1- Byzantine. I do believe Byzantine would fit aoe4 just like aoe2. They are one of the fan favorites and it would be very nice if we got campaign between Ottomans and Byzantine

2- Japan. Again a fan favorite, would be fun to play with them. Maybe campaign between Japan and Mongols.

3- Spain. If we got a option for changing max pop later on i think naval gameplay would be much more fun and spain would fit that very well.

4- Norse/Viking . I like to play with vikings in aoe2 but im putting them on 4th because of as far as i see they are demanded and i think they’d be good for marketing.

5-Timurids. Im sure they wont be added but i’d love to see them in aoe4. Timurids never get represented in games even thou they were strongest empire of their time. Potential campaign with Delhi and Ottomans.

6- Hungary . i’d love to play with them. Potential campaign with Ottomans . I’d want Poland as well but dont think timeline is very suitable.

7-Safevid. (Aqkoyunlu-Qarakoyunlu-Seljuks for dark and feudal representation).Powerhouse of Iran region. Again a campaign with Ottomans.

8- Porteguese
9- Italians (genoa- venice etc)
10- Mamluks
11- Khmer.
12- Cumania. campaing with Mongols and rus.

Honorable to mention:
Mughal , Koreans, vijayanagar


I was just thinking this would likely be a good marketing plan.

European like civs have the highest appeal amongst the predominantly European/American player base (so either something like Vikings or Byzantine or Spanish) due to the affinity towards familiarity

And Japan(samurai/ninjas even if they’re incorrectly portrayed) has always been appealing to Western civilization

So maybe the intent of the Devs was to keep those civs back for the next DLC which will be paid for. As people are more likely to buy them, as opposed to malians and ottomans(even if they’re fantastic civs)

I realise saying this in this way won’t go down well with a lot of people that don’t realise who actually buys/plays these types of games (Eg almost 50% of the player base plays 3 European civs, which are also the most generic civs)

Either way I’ll happily buy whatever the next civs are


I thought otto and byzantine would come together at first but seems like free dlc was a strategic more to please current players.Im sure next dlc will be payed and one of them will be byzantine. Like u Said i’ll buy next dlc regardless of which one comes.More Varieties makes aoe more fun for me

I agree and I was surprised that they didn’t introduce the Byzantines together with the Ottomans. Anyway, the Malians look like a lot of fun but that being said next DLC with new civ I want them to add the Byzantines. I miss playing as the Greeks :slightly_smiling_face:


Even the Europeans get bored . They are human beings.

I’d love to see some cataphract action and arch enemy match up would be awesome.

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Spanish would be great. Only thinking of Conquistadors make me hype here xD

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Honestly, adding in the Byzantines is definitely a good idea and perhaps, some good ideas for what the unique units can be for them are the Excubitor (melee infantry) and Cataphract (melee cavalry that replaces the Knight). Now it would be good if the Spanish was to also be divided and perhaps a good civ from this division to add would be the Castilians.

They could also add Greek fire on the sea and maybe land. Maybe a grenadier unit like the Chinese. Also, the Varangian guard like a heavy axe man would be cool. I’d like to see them add the Theodosian walls AKA the three-layer walls of Constantinople. I’d also love to see the return of the cataphract. The Byzantine(ERE) have a lot of potential.


Yes, the Byzantines do have a lot of potential. Now I wonder if the Byzantines should feature both, the Excubitor and Varangian Guard? And yeah, I do agree that the Varangian Guard is also a good idea unique unit for the Byzantines. As for Greek Fire, maybe that could be a unique tech that enables this weapon for Byzantine ships? Theodosian walls are also a good idea as well.

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Yeah, who said you can’t have two unique infantry plus they are different types of infantry from different periods if I’m not mistaken.

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Indeed, it is a good to have more than one unique infantry unit considering that the Excubitor and Varangian Guard both existed during the Middle Ages.

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i thought about Castille but didnt they become Spain in Imperial age timeline? thats why i thought Spain would be better

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Castile did become Spain in the Imperial Age timeline, but it was very late because the Spanish Empire was established in 1492.

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im from spain and please , entire spanish comunity has been dreaming about castlians or spaniards since fucking 10th of april 2021 / fan preview :sob:

Make it happen!

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do i need to remind that malians have a unit from the 18th century?

The musofadi gunner…

if malians expand that timeline , maybe spain can fi through

Thank you gentle words.

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I think it would be much better if Malians get regular cannoner

I’d love to see them in game.

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Nah I don’t want generic units on Malians , musofadi gunner is good as it is even if it’s a 18th century unit tbh .