Byzantine should be the next Civ

Mee too! Would really love to see them tbh

In the Middle Ages, a unified Spain was not formed until the marriage of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon. So I think it is more precise to call the civilization that represents Spain the Iberians or the Reconquista.

Or just call them, the Castilians because Iberian would refer to the people of the Iberian Peninsula which not only consists of Spain but also Portugal as well.

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My theory is that they really wanted to explore the idea of nontraditional civs with units that break the rock-paper-scissor mold and use that as a testing ground for future civs. And based on that direction, they could do more daring things in the future (for example a Mesoamerican civ). On top of that, a very different civ would drum a lot more interest, which they succeeded in doing.

A Byzantine civ would inevitably use a traditional system, much like the Ottomans. It would definitely appeal to the history-nerd fanbase (like me), but the Malians definitely appear more to the RTS gamer fanbase.

I understand the way you are thinking here but at the same time, there is nothing that says that if they would have added the Byzantines that they would follow the so-called “traditional system” in making them.

Could very well be something like the Malians. Depending on their vision with each civ, I think we can expect more civs in the future just like the Malians and who knows which direction they want the Byzantines to go should they be added.

Byzantines are one of the most classic nations of the medieval era. I would honestly be shocked if they deviated significantly from the traditional formula.

Malians, in the other hand, represent a civ that did not have access to a lot of things the Eurasian civs had, notably heavy army. They require flexibility in making that civ unique.

But hey, at least it was a good idea for the developers to add in an African civ right away as opposed to AoE2 and 3, both of which took a long time to feature African civs. Notice that since Africa is a part of the old world, AoE4 would still be feature African civs. Now yes, the Byzantines should be added in the future because the Byzantines would fit in AoE4 as much as they fit in AoE2.

They will definitely be added although I’m afraid it’s a matter of debate if it will be a free extension or given its relevance, a dlc in conjunction with other important civilizations, Italians perhaps.