Byzantines vs Turks

Hi everyone, I’d like to hear your opinion on how to counter Turks as Byzantines on Arena.
I just played a game (300pop) and I struggled a lot, I wanted to know if there’s anything I can do better to struggle less at least :sweat_smile:

Turk was pocket, his flank was Aztec, I was Byzantine (picked random civ) pocket, my flank was Burmese.
Turk went fast imperial.
Me and my flank tried to wipe out the Aztec as soon as we hit imperial, I went cataphracts and he went Elephants, not elite I think at first.
We almost wiped out the Aztec before the Turk came in with huge number of jans and hussars. I made eskirms+halbs to use that cheap bonus mixing some onager in, but without siege engineers and against bombard cannons with 14 range I failed miserably, halbs were near useless: too close to my skirms and well placed bombard/onager shot (from surviving aztec) could wipe them all, too far away and skirms were picked easily by hussars. Meanwhile the Aztec did only pikes and rams with occasional Eagles and onager.
eskirms didn’t work even massed (50+), byz hussars were destroyed by anything (pikes, turk hussar, jans).
At one point I thought of making arbs, but against hussar spam? Maybe cavalry archers? Cavaliers? Maybe I should have gone Paladins since the start, forgetting Cataphracts?
In the end we just held the line while the other pocket (persians) crushed the enemy pocket (britons) and won, but it was a bitter victory.

Well you did what byzantines do best in the end: holding.

To push you probably needed to mix in siege rams with your halbs and ranged units.

So in that case it was just trash and rams the best choice?
I really don’t like making loads of trash in team games…feels a waste.
Thx for the advice.

Well IMO Byzantines are not a good pocket because of lack of eco bonus and strong gold units.

But if would go pocket with them I would invest in arbalest + bombard cannons with some halbs because as a pocket you need to justify your privileged position and trebuchets in this case would just die vs turks but it still wouldn’t be easy.

If I went flank I would probably do trash + siege and try to win by attrition against the other flank coz that’s what they are good for.