Hey guys,

I’ve been doing this thing where I’m trying to unlock the profile icon for every civ (meaning 10 games won as that civ.) Favorite map Arabia.

Right now I’m on Byzantines, I’d love to hear what strategies you guys have found to be most successful. Meta strats, out of the box strats, cheese strats, whatever. I’m a fan of playing all in ultra aggressive making a defensive civ not exactly my fórte. So I’d like to hear some ideas!

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Actually you can unlock the profile icons by playing in single player (unless they removed it without mentionning it). If you wanna get it legit, I’ve heard trying old school trash rushes with Byz can be fun. Also if you’re on Arena they can fast imp.

They can use their imp discount for arb+ halb ram. Very effective

Not really interested in playing against AI haha, I’m not really doing it for the profile icons lol. Also not a fan of arena :grin:

Trash rush sounds interesting though!

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Yeah that makes sense, so you just boom and defend till imp?

Trash rush is the usual bizantine play. Spears and skirms. Then you start to mix in archers. Yo play xbows, 1 tc, fast imperial

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I like that, thoughts on ideal uptime to feudal? Seems like if all you’re doing is dropping a range and training trash units you’re able to stay off gold a little longer, so a 20 or 21 pop uptime isn’t unreasonable.

21 pop is okey I guess. You only need food and wood eco, and not that much. You’re only going to gold in late feudal

20 vills, click up
one range+blacksmith into fast fletching skirms+spears.

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