Call new Arabia 'Arabia plains' and keep old one in map pool

Arabia is by far the most played map, I really don’t think there will be many people against having two versions of the legendary map.

I really like the new map gen, but I also really liked the old one (and I’ll miss it :sleepy: )

we all love this game, may as well have more of what we love.


That would satisfy everyone.


I would call it “Arabic desert”.

But I’m completely with the TO. Please devs, don’t change our beloved arabia. Just add a hyperagressive map to the pool instead. That would be nice. Thank you.


Just use Socotra. It’s a well designed map for aggressive play.


just use the real arabia smh


What was the playrate of socotra again? :smiley:

No, doesn’t need to be that extreme, just a map where the players who just learned their rush buildorders can excel in. A map designed for learning the basic openings - and if they finally get bored by it they hopefully learn to appreciate the real arabia.

And btw I think there should be unlimited map bans for that reason. But the more maps you ban, the longer is your queueing time.

Not high enough. Need to get more people on board :smiley: (not gonna lie, I’m biased, it’s my favourite map)

I think Socotra is educational enough for learning how to rush, that’s what the map is all about afterall :smiley:

I think it’s too agressive for the standard openings though :wink:

It’s actually intresting that the same people advertising “agressive play” all the time get overwhealmed if a map is just a little bit too agressive and hate it… But yeah, this is also not uncommon actually…

those passive agressive emojis man :laughing:


arabia has the worst civilization balance in the entire map pool (with the possible exception of nomad, which is not a standard start)

we don’t need two arabias

maybe if the design of the game is restored and the idiotic position-picking setting is removed, more arabias would be okay. but not in the game’s current state

Let’s remove arabia and arena

Tbh that’s a good idea


Socotra is a very fun map, but you rarely get to post-imp on it. Arabia can have longer games.

I have the same experience on Arabia. I literally don’t remember when was the last time I reached imp on that map. Mostly just YOLO it in feudal.

It definitely isn’t all yolo in Feudal on arabia lol not even the new one

definitely not every game, but it happens often enough 11

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Call new arabia ‘arabia’ call the old one ‘old arabia’ and have it be the version from HD edition. besides that i agree

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yeah, two versions for sure. The names/details can be whatever.

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