Calling all the (good) players. quick matching is TRASH

Quick matching keeps on pairing me with: people who are playing their FIRST to FIFTH match EVER. absolutely unfair… im glad to say im definitely better than that (im not pro), my score is around 10500/12000 points at the end of the game (in most of the matches I play when conditions are optimal) and my allies are around 3500 after 70 MINUTES of gameplay.

This is… desperation… (adding that they dont speak english or any similar language which intensifies my anger to the 183912839128913th power) is anyone in the same train??? why is the system sooooo unequal and broken??? Dont tell me the “its the same elo level” cause I have played so many matches by now, its impossible this people are same level as I am. IMPOSSIBLE cause they are playing literally their first match ever, I have even checked it.

If your rating hovers around 1000 ELO, this is the position every new player starts, so I expect you get matched with players’ around this rating.

Unfortunately you can become the gatekeeper to spar with new players. However, if you work to improve and move up in ELO then you would eventually move away from the new starters.

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But this way is impossible I could ever raise my score if every match is a total waste of time and im literally screaming to them to defend or attack or at least build wall and they wont even answer… its SO frustating…

Well that is not true. If you keep winning these games your rating will increase and you will move up. If you are not winning enough and stay around 50% win rate at this level, you are where you should be in terms of rating.

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I cant win when its always 1vs2, even the enemies at the end of the match tell me i was alone in that… -.-

Well if you are talking about team games then the ratings still apply well with variance for matching with different team members. Better skilled players can literally carry games even at the highest levels. You need to put in the games and be patient with the aim to improve.

Play 1v1 and see how high you can progress instead.


ok thanks for your valuable insight!

Good luck. Team games can be frustrating but unless you are at the top of leaderboard, we are all more likely to be making mistakes and you need to own these mistakes to improve.

Review your games and watch replays of the highest ranked players. Blaming others will not help your end goal of moving up.

Personally I find that quickmatch is very good at finding similar skilled opponents, which may not always happen in team games especially with full teams against randoms.

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I stopped playing teamgames with randoms.

I only play in a team now with friends who have discord.

Relying on randoms is a gamble.


First 10 games are placements matches. You should know that.


Why don’t you play 1v1?

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If that question was for me… I do play 1vs1.

I only stopped teaming up with strangers.
Had too many times that my city got sacked in the feudel age by 3 or 4 enemy’s while my ‘teammates’ hold their troops in their own base.
(Not realising they would be next and you have no change defending one vs 3 or 4 enemys)

So i do enjoy the game, especially teaming up … With people i know and with discord. :slight_smile:

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TGs allow you to be less depended on build order . It’s more forgivable, and less punishing. Also it allows you to build FIRELANCERS…i mean just large number of armies.
On top of that it allows you build only 1 or 2 types of units, the strongest one, while ur team mate cover you weakness. For build order it’s easier.

a lot of cons, why people prefer TGs.

its the sudden rushing where I totally lose it… but really i FREAK OUT… it gets me its something I still cant deal with… I was a pro treaty mode player in aoe3de and Im making my best since this was released to adapt to this free mode… but I swear I start cussing every time I see the rushing coming… i just cant with it…

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It’s hard to go up if 1/3rd of the games has droppers, afk players etc. then even with a steady 75% win rate in the ‘normal’ games on average you will drop ELO.

I think a decent improvement for Relic would be to match based on ELO with a preference for players with similar XP.

I mainly play TG, in the beginning of playing TG it is frustrating when my teammates drop the game in the first 5 minutes of the games, I figure out that frustrating or blaming other players are no use and you will not enjoy the game. I just keep playing and stay positive to get ELO > 1100 at least, and keep going.

if your team up with the other player that is a new starter/dropped the game in the first 5 minutes /AFK, try to train yourself to carry them. The more you play, the more you learn, improve, and get rid of new starter ELO (new starter ELO is 1000 I believe).

have happened to me trying to beat 3vs4 because one of my teammates is dropped the game in the first 5 minutes, just keep playing and stay positive, the more negative think the more you did not enjoy the games, just keep going and queue next game!. HF.

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Yeah I feel this, rushing just isn’t fun to me and ruins the entire experience

I understand not everyone can play on their work computer like I do and have other things to do, and that’s fine, but I’m still upset there are no options to insert treaty games.

But honestly I’ve had so many other things to be disappointed with this game that I haven’t even paid much attention to this issue

Luckily most people seem alright with the honor system for no rush custom games, I’ve just been hosting them titled “40 min no rush 4v4” or something like that.

But I’d still love a treaty or even better a diplomacy mode

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It was for the OP. Personally I find team games a lot more stressful as you have a lot more to think about.